Below are transcribed notes by Trinity Scribes for MoKnowsHair YouTube LIVE Old vs. New Collection + Hair Care Q&A, July 2, 2024.


Would the Defining Gel be good for loc re-twists? It depends your hair texture is. For a re-twist, the gel needs to be thicker for the grip usually. MoKnowsHair Defining Gel one is more jelly-like texture so may not be strong enough to do a re-twist. It would depend on the texture of gel you need.

NOTE: One of Mo’s best friends has locs & she uses: Scalp Clarifier + Curl Primer + The Ultimate Hydrator + Elasticity Restoring Treatment on hers. I think she uses a really thick gel for her re-twists, but she is using the cleansers/conditioners, for sure, & the Curl Primer spray.

NOTE: The Curl Primer spray is great for braids/sew-ins. It will help protect your hair and keep it hydrated. It won’t build up and get sticky. It will act as a refresher, as well. Spray it around the roots of the hair and on the hair if you’re wearing wigs. PRO TIP: If you’re going to be at the pool or outside in a lot of sun, all day - cover your hair in this spray to keep some of that Environmental damage out of your strands. It has a lot of purposes!

Will the products be in Sally Beauty stores, again?

Right now, everything is available via the website: ONLY. If that changes, it will be announced on the website, via email to subscribers and on social media.... trust me, you'll know!

Larger bottles (back bar sizes/salon sizes)? 

You don’t mostly find 16+ oz products readily available in what are considered, consuming facing products, because most of you wouldn’t be able to get through them before they would no longer be considered viable. Most hair products either have a 12 or 24 month open jar timing on them. So, once you open it and you touch in it and air gets in it, the clock starts on it. 

NOTE: 32 oz is a lot of product. Liters are really big. That’s why they’re usually reserved for salon spaces - because a stylist is going to be using that product multiple times a day, day after day. They’re going to go through that liter in a fraction of the time it would take you. Backbar sizes are on the list for consideration so stay tuned...

When should we use the Curl Primer vs. Styling Potion when it comes to styling?

  • The Curl Primer is your always product! It’s a leave-in treatment. So, it’s always going to be appropriate after you’ve washed your hair - before you do anything. It’s always good protection to have. It’s going to mix and blend well with all of the stylers; even if you’re using products from other brands. 
  • The Styling Potion, is like a leave-in conditioner in how it feels in texture and it’s a good base to go underneath the Defining Gel or Smoothing Pudding OR it can be used by itself; it just depends on how much hold you’re looking for. It can be used to do a rod set + braid + wash-n-go. If you know you want more hold, that you’ll get from the Defining Gel or the Smoothing Pudding - then pairing those into the Curl Primer is probably going to be your optimal choice. So, Curl Primer = ALWAYS. Use the Styling Potion depending on what you want to do.

PRO TIP: If you feel like your hair easily dries out, that Styling Potion is going to give more moisture with the Defining Gel. The Defining Gel is designed to be used by itself, also, so you may find that you don’t need it. The more texture you have - you’ll probably want less layers of product. So, if you have a lot of texture + shrinkage, you’ll probably want: Curl Primer, then the Styling Potion OR Defining Gel. You may not want both. You probably notice the more products you layer (from any brand), it starts to get sticky because your hair is not able to absorb it all the way. 

Watch my side-by-side comparison tutorial to learn more about each product and what you can expect.>

How do you decide whether you want your products to expire 12 or 24 months?

So, you don’t decide that, the product does. There’s a process in manufacturing \ called “stability testing.” After you have decided on your formula, you put it inside the packaging that it’s going to be sold in, place it in a product oven (for the sake of visualization purposes) and see how stable it is under pressure. The stability of a product, meaning how long that product will last before it starts to chemically alter and separate inside of the packaging is determined in that time. Twelve months is industry standard, some products may last up to 24 months  There’s more variables, but that’s essentially the point.

Can you use the Smoothing Pudding + the Defining Gel together?

The instructions on the Smoothing Pudding say NOT do that. They were written that way because I know some of you are too heavy handed . You, technically can layer them, but you should try them individually first to see if you need to add more product - once you layer them, if it doesn't produce a desired result you won't know which product is causing the issue.

Is the Styling Potion buildable?

Yes. You can add more in the days after initial application OR you can add some Defining Gel.

Can you use the Curl Primer for blowouts?

Yes, you can do blow dry with it, but you should NOT use direct heat. It doesn’t have enough protection for direct compression heat of a tool like a flat iron or a curling iron  - so, if you know you’re going to need to do that, use an actual thermal protectant.

NOTE: Thermal styling products are on the list of future formulas to come! wit the current products, you can sit under a hooded dryer or use blow dryer heat, but not direct heat. 

Will there be an edge product? 

Yes. Edge Control will be a future formula... stay tuned!

Will there be a MoKnowsHair oil?

Y’all love oil! I do have a serum in mind that will be for curly and thermal styles. So, yes, it is on the list.

Can the Styling Potion be used for a wash-n-go on tighter curls?

Yes, the Styling Potion is like a jelly texture and can be used to style any hair type. It has a little less hold than the Defining Gel and Smoothie Pudding, but is just as defining, hydrating. 

Are the products safe for color treated hair?

Obviously! Of course I will always make sure my products are safe and nourishing for color treated hair. 


How do you handle matted (hard to detangle) hair? The #1 Reason people have that problem, is because you aren’t washing your hair often enough. If you’re going more than a week, that’s going to make your detangling harder because you have a lot of shed hair locked into whatever style it is in. So, when you go and wet your hair, it "mats" together. The second thing to water temp - make sure you're using lukewarm water, move it more to the cooler side. As you are shampooing your hair - use downward sweeping motions, gently prying the hair apart. Watch this Detangling 101 tutorial or more. >

PRO TIP: That scorching hot water y’all like to bathe in, you should not wash your hair in that. You really shouldn’t bathe in it, either (because it's drying your skin) - but, that’s a conversation for another day! 

Suggestions for growing hair past a certain length?

Overall, why you’re not getting past a certain length is because your hair is breaking at the same rate it’s growing. How you condition your hair, how you take care of your hair, your internal bodily health - all of these things are going to have impact on how your hair behaves on this side of the scalp. The cycle your hair goes through for growth is genetic - for some people, it may be six weeks, for some it could be eight weeks - just depends on your DNA.

  • Consider your health first. If you’re on medications that regulate circulation/blood thinners/auto immune diseases or conditions/low iron/low vitamin D/vitamin B12 deficiency - these are all things that can stifle your hair growth or cause your hair to shed more rapidly. They can change the way your hair grows (the strands might be weaker). If you haven’t had a physical in the last year with full blood work, all the panels accounted for - that’s going to be the first thing you’re going to want to do because a lot of times, you might have a vitamin deficiency that you just don’t know you have that can be solved with a supplement.
  • When it comes to “Protective styling”…I know y’all like to tussle, so don’t fight me! Most styles that are called "protective" styles are NOT protecting anything - they’re just giving you a break from doing your hair. That doesn’t make them wrong, but be clear about what’s happening. The synthetic hair is drying your hair out. Your hair is not getting properly combed, washed or conditioned for however many weeks you leave the style in. Yes, you can use the Scalp Clarifier to keep your scalp clean and the Curl Primer to hydrate and protect where it can reach, but it’s still not the same as fully washing and deep treating you hair. The Grooming process helps keep your hair strong. The detangling - the removing the shed hair away from the hair that’s still attached to the scalp - getting the conditioner through every strand - all of those things matter to the health of your hair. So, when you go 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, without that - your hair starts to get dry and weak. So, when you go to your stylist, you get your hair trimmed and she’s cutting off as much as you’ve grown out because sometimes those styles that you think are “protecting” you are actually hurting the health of your hair. Wearing those styles less often is advisable, if you feel like you’re having issues OR wearing them for less amounts of time. 

NOTE: The length retention game is mostly rooted in your routine. Watch this tutorial to learn more about length retention. >

Do you always use your hair dryer to dry your hair?

I sit under the dryer or diffuse because otherwise it’s going to take all day to dry. Most styles will take 8+ hours to air dry, and if twisted, that could be an overnight situation. Going to bed with wet hair is a very easy way to start growing fungus and bacteria in your scalp (because you’re creating a warm, damp, dark place for it to grow when you cover your hair wet). Sitting under the dryer not only prevents that, it makes your styles "set" better and be more defined and smooth. Here are my favorite tools to use:

FHI Heat Ceramic Blow Dryers - Use code MOKNOWSHAIR for extra 10% off at checkout. (All of them are great options, just choose what you feel most suites your needs.)

Hair Flair Softhood Attachment (converts blow dryer to "hooded" dryer)

Red by Kiss 1875 Watt Ceramic Hooded Dryer

Why is gray hair so disrespectful?

Gray hair does present its own challenges, but it is manageable. The first step is to stop expecting it to act like it did before it was gray. Once you let that go, everything about it gets better! The wiry, dry, coarse feeling is because the strands no longer product melanin. The best thing you can do is deep condition weekly (use the Elasticity Restoring Treatment) and limit the amount of direct heat and long-term "protective" styles.

Is gray hair growing faster or is the color fading?

The color is fading. The molecules in hair color are not able to attach as easily due to the lack of melanin so after a few washes, the gray strand is showing again. 

Are products effective in hard water?

From a PH perspective, MoKnowsHair products are still going to be effective if you have hard water. If you feel like you have a hard time, in general, with products and hard water - get a filter on your shower. You can find them at Home Depot, Lowes or Amazon. That’s a really easy solution that is going to improve how your skin and hair products perform.

Styling tool you would recommend? 

For curl clumping/detangling, Tangle Teezer makes really great brushes. I am also a fan of three row combs.

Mo, what is your favorite product in the re-launch?

It's so hard to choose, but I am most PROUD of the stylers! They are completely new, improved, more hydrating, defining... all the things I conceived them to be and wanted them to be in the first collection. It has been an amazing, vindicating process to know that my desires for formulas were possible, just not able to be met with my first chem lab vendor. My current chemist is a Black woman and I fully believe her lived experience makes her more equipped to apply my notes making sure YOU are getting the products you need and deserve. 

LIVE Old vs. New Collection + Hair Care Q&A