About The Collection

Simple, healthy hair care.

After styling hundreds of natural, curly heads of hair in her salon, MoKnowsHair (Monica Stevens) found many had something in common; too much conflicting information leading to damaging hair care practices. The misconception that natural hair care is a miserable, time-consuming process, with lots of steps and even more products was keeping you all from living your best curly life.

It's time to take the confusion out of hair care. 

Beautiful style comes after a solid foundation is in place for hair to flourish. The cleansers and treatments in this collection lay the foundation for healthy hair and scalp and the stylers finish the process by helping you achieve beautiful style.

Everyone desires hair that breaks less, retains more length, styles beautifully and is simply healthy. With this collection, that desire is met. Every ingredient has been hand-selected by Monica, based on the science of hair, with one goal in mind – to help you experience the BEST version of your hair. No trends. No gimmicks. Just simple, healthy hair care.

MoKnowsHair reimagined.

After connecting with a Black woman chemist and manufacturer to do extensive ingredient research and several rounds of testing on different textures, this NEW collection has been elevated and re-formulated to meet the needs of every hair type and texture. Each formula is thoughtfully blended with botanical extracts to nourish, essential oils and butters to enhance manageability, and proteins to repair and improve elasticity. 

Old vs. New

Learn about the NEW collection and see it in action in this side-by-side comparison wash-n-go tutorial!