10 Resolutions for Healthier Hair

Be a better, healthier you in 2014!

A new year means a new start! It’s the perfect time to tackle that project you’ve been putting off, or create some new, good habits. Here are my top ten things you can do in 2014 to have healthier hair!

moknowshair_newyearhair1. Be consistent! If you don’t have a solid routine, take a moment to decide on a wash day and treatment schedule, enter it in a calendar on your phone or whatever device you use most and stick to it! This is also a great way to keep track of when you’ve trimmed your ends.

2. Drink more water. Buy one of those gallon water jugs to keep track of your daily water intake. If you’re just starting, divide your weight by two, drink that many ounces per day, and plan to add more over time.

3. Take care of your tools. Replace all of your combs and brushes, then set a reminder in your calendar to replace them again in six months. Combs and brushes are not designed to be used forever; teeth wear and bristles tear.

4. Eat better. Add more superfoods to your diet that are rich in proteinbiotin, antioxidants, vitamins E and C and all those other great things that your body needs to be healthy.

5. Tie your hair up right. Use 100% silk or satin scarves, bonnets or pillowcases if those accessories tend to come off at night, or you’re like me and your pineapple is now hanging out onto your pillow!

6. Massage your scalp once a week for about five minutes. This will increase circulation in the scalp, aiding in healthy hair growth and help you more evenly distribute essential oils and other scalp treatments.

7. Keep track of your progress. If growth is your goal, track your growth with pictures in the same position every other month. This will give you a visual record and help you assess if you need to alter your regimen if you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for.

8. Clean your tools! Set a reminder in your phone to clean your brushes, combs, clips, pillowcases, scarves, and anything else that touches your hair (including the headrest in your car and couch cushions) at least once a month. You can clean your hair tools with a little shampoo, a soft bristle manicure brush and warm water.

9. Exercise. What goes on inside of your body is reflected outside through your skin, hair, and physical shape. You hair’s health is dependent upon many factors, especially your diet and overall bodily health. You can use all the expensive or homemade treatments you wish, if your body is not well inside, your efforts will likely be in vain. You should plan to get at least 45 minutes of high intensity cardio exercise into your schedule three times a week (with weight lifting if you’re interested in burning more calories at rest).

10. Don’t do too much. While being a product junkie is fun (lol), don’t let yourself get in the habit of using so many different things that you have no idea what’s actually working. It’s ok to try new things you think would be beneficial, especially if they are getting raving reviews from sources you trust. Just try and stick with your chosen ones for a few months at a time to see if they are really positively impacting your hair. If you notice, I typically use the same products the majority of the time. This gives my hair a groove to get into and flourish!

I hope these suggestions help you make some goals for your hair care and get you on-track with a healthier, more manageable routine.

This year has been great with you all, and I am looking forward to much more in 2014. Happy New Year!



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