My Updated Wash-N-Go + Regimen

Although I review lots of different products, I have a staple set that I use regularly to maintain the health of my hair. In this tutorial, I walk you through my updated wash-n-go (since that’s what I do 95% of the time) and show you the products I use, how, and when.

Products (linked to related video or post):

Scalp Invigorator:

You can find the Scalp Invigorator here: for the discount price of $18

Spin for Perfect Skin Brush:

You can find the Spin for Perfect Skin brush here: for the discounted price of $30


Total time: 

Total style time was about two hours and 15 minutes.

Keep and care:

To preserve my wash-n-go, I sleep in the pineapple, then take down in the morning and fluff.