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My models for Sheer Luxe Beauty Hair Affair Houston, Leigha and Sumetra

My models for Sheer Luxe Beauty Hair Affair: Houston, Leigha and Sumetra

On August 23, 2014, I had the pleasure of presenting my “Prep, Set and Style” workshop at Sheer Luxe Beauty’s Hair Affair Houston! I was able to share lots of tips with the ladies about the steps I take when preparing for a protective style or updo. I talked about different washing methods, types of shampoos, deep conditioning, and also how to set hair for styling. At the end of the presentation, I demonstrated some styling techniques on two lovely models.


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PREP, SET, & STYLE: Workshop Notes

PREP – how you cleanse and condition will determine how well your hair “holds up” in the days after; it’s like the foundation to any good style!

  • Pre-poo: Short for pre-shampoo treatment; can be applied to the hair prior to shampooing to soften, moisturize and make hair more manageable during styling. You can use virgin coconut oil, EVO or any other penetrating oil mixture. You can also use a daily conditioner and add some oils, or blend a mixture of household foods like avocado or eggs with oils. (Pre-pooing is a choice; if you feel your hair lacks moisture, add it to your regimen prior to shampooing.)
  • Hydrating shampoo: A sulfate-free (low-level surfactants) formula that has penetrating ingredients, anti-oxidants and color protection. These shampoos will not clarify, but they will gently cleanse the hair and make it more flexible and easier to detangle. (With shampooing, you don’t want to exceed once per week. Should you need to cleanse more often, try a formulated co-wash product in between washdays.)
  • Clarifying shampoo: These contain some type of acidic ingredient to cut through product build-up (usually from products with silicones, or hard water). Contrary to popular belief, these do not have to be “sulfate-based” shampoos; in fact many are sulfate-free. (Clarifying shampoos should only be used about once a month to remove build-up and to give your favorite products a clean slate to work on, especially if you have products with silicones in your regimen. If you plan to get a color service, using one a few days prior, then avoiding lots of product, may help your color deposit better. And, clarifying shampoos can help keep color vibrant as external elements can tarnish lighter hues.)
  • Deep conditioner: A pre- or homemade formula that has penetrating ingredients (low molecular weight) such as coconut oil, EVO, avocado oil, castor oil, Argan oil or hydrolyzed proteins. For curly girls, heated deep conditioning is always recommended to help improve absorption. (Anything you install when your hair is wet is going to help keep your hair moisturized after drying it. Deep conditioning is recommended every wash day, especially if you wear your ends out often.)

SET – choosing products that add moisture and protect your from heat and UV ray damage are critical for healthy, manageable hair.

  • Leave-in conditioner: Adding a leave-in before other styling products will protect your hair from external elements and install another layer of moisture. Moisturized hair breaks and sheds less, so you want to layer in your protection. Always use a leave-in conditioner, always.
  • Styling/setting product: This can be a wrap foam, blowout cream, setting lotion or even a spray-on treatment. Many of these will contain heat and UV ray protecting ingredients as well as ones that seal in moisture and repel water or humidity, ultimately reducing frizz.
  • Drying your hair: Everyone’s hair is different. Some find that blow-drying is best while others may prefer to air-dry. It truly depends on your hair type and method used.


  • Sections add drama: You can increase the visible volume of your hair significantly by dividing your style in sections. If you want more…add hair! Braiding hair is inexpensive and easy to find. Just add a pack or two to your style for structure or added bulk.
  • Secure your hair: A daily moisturizing lotion or cream, or even styling puddings and custards, can be used to smooth hair in sections and on the ends of hair for moisture and flexible hold. Also, you want to use fabric wrapped holders so your hair is not pulled or snagged.
  • Seal it all together: When you’ve completed your style, finish off with a sheen spray and/or holding spray that adds sealing moisture and gives UV ray protection. If you want an even more polished, sleek look, add an edge tamer. And remember to protect your hair overnight with satin accessories!


Anthara Carr, Sheer Luxe Beauty Owner


Sheer Luxe Beauty (SLB) was started by Anthara Carr due to her passion for healthy hair, love for luxurious ingredients, luxury lifestyle brands and wanting to give back to women and families in need. SLB focuses on rejuvenating and restoring the hair with careful love and essence put in every product, through quality ingredients, premium packaging, and superior service to clients. Although, SLB is a hair care brand, it was established with the goal to give back to the community through annual programs and workshops moderated by skilled beauty and career professionals. SLB is more than a luxury hair care brand, it’s a lifestyle comprised of beautiful and confident women, community involvement, fashion and luxury.

Sheer Luxe Beauty’s line offers cleansing, deep conditioning and styling products for all natural hair types. See more at

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