How To Create Voluminous Curling Wand Curls

Style Tutorial and Tool Review

I finally decided to purchase a curling wand. I have been using my FHI flat iron to make wavy curls, but I decided to give the Hot Tools Curling Wand a try! I love the results and will be using this iron often.

wandcurls3Products and Tools:

Total Time:

It took me 45 minutes to complete this style; my hair was prepped with a blow out.

Keep and Care:

I was able to get two days of wear from this style without touch-ups. At night, I gathered several large sections of hair and made bantu-like, loose knots, bob pinned them, tied a silk scarf around my edges then covered it all with a satin bonnet.

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  1. I really love the volume. What haircut do you have if i were to describe it to a stylist? Regular layers hair cut?

  2. Beautiful

  3. I love your hair! Most of us are trying to curl long hair, but i wanted to see mid-length styles as well.

  4. Wow! That is some impressive volume! I don’t see any reason not to have a curling wand in the tool kit these days.

  5. Is it possible if we do it with a flat iron.

  6. I’m very impressive with your voluminou hair. Thanks for your tip. It’s very useful. I’ll try with your way. 🙂

  7. your guidance is very useful and easy to create. thanks

  8. post great Regular layers hair cut?

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