Conditioners & Treatments

How to Choose What's Best For You

There are so many amazing conditioners and treatments available to keep your hair healthy and manageable, but because there are SO many, choosing what’s best for your hair can become a difficult task. In this tutorial, I explain the language associated with conditioners and show you some of my favorites to help you better understand what you are looking at when selecting for yourself.

Below are some conditioners, categorized based on hair needs, listed in no particular order. “Curl type” or “pattern” is not relevant in selection of conditioners, as the conditioner does not know what kind of curl you have; they are made to solve a need. Of course there are many more great options out there. The ones listed below are based on my preferences and experiences using them on myself and others.

Conditioners and treatments.

Moisturizing/Hydrating Conditioners:

Repairing/Restructuring Conditioners:

Other Conditioners (for color-treated hair, frizz control, etc):


If you are struggling with product selection and creating a hair care routine that works for you, Hair Regimen Coaching could help! See for information and scheduling.