Maintain Straight Hair After Workouts

Hair Care Tip & Tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you how I return my hair to its super sleek state after a sweaty workout. To see how I straightened my hair, watch my silk roller wrap tutorial.

A week of straight hair with daily workouts.

A week of straight hair with daily workouts.

Products and Tools:

Total Time:

Total style time for this method is about 20 minutes depending on how fast your hair dries.

Keep and Care:

To preserve this style, you can do a traditional wrap around your head and secure with a satin scarf.

5 Comments to Maintain Straight Hair After Workouts

  1. Mo,

    A tutorial on curling your hair mid week with straight styling would be great. I struggle sometimes knowing the best processes in an effort to cut back on heat styling but pin curls give a very different curl pattern from a curling iron.

  2. this is awesome and helps so much thanks!!

  3. Great vid! But with my hair (3c..I think lol) if I took my scarf off while it was still damp, my roots would puff and when I blow dry it, I probably would need some flat ironing at the roots. Does this sound normal for my hair type?

  4. Dominique // January 15, 2014 at 3:58 am //

    Great video! Mo, I was wondering would you be able to make another video about preserving natural hair after a workout for hair types in the 3c – 4’s? Because just like Bree mentioned above, the rest of my hair will cooperate but my roots will not 🙁 and I want to use less heat as possible. (note: I work out 5x a week but I want to be more presentable for work.) Thanks!

  5. OMG your hair is awesome. I talked to cherie today (I work with her) and I love her hair. I have been natural for over 3 years and I am struggling with retention dryness fairy knots and thinning.I am very interested in a consult with you.

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