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I am consistent when it comes to my hair care. Once I find a combination I like, that delivers the results I am looking for, I stick with it! But, there’s so many wonderful products out there, and my curiosity won’t always let me ignore them, lol. In this tutorial, I am using a new line-up with my same wash-n-go method to see if I get the same defined, moisturized wavy curls I get with my usual product mix…watch and see the results!

moknowshair_washngonewproductsProduct Information:

Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner are new to the family of hair products at Trader Joe’s. They are enriched with lots of vitamins like C, B5, A and E that are essential for healthy hair growth. What I love about these is the fresh citrus scent and super moisturizing texture and feel. This combo performs very much like the Nourish Spa duo, but with some different ingredients. It looks like Joe has done it again; I’ll definitely keep these in rotation. These retail for just $2.49 each at select Trader Joe’s stores.

ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment is designed to repair curls and waves and improve elasticity. Elasticity is what determines how much body and bounce your hair has after styling. It is the hairs ability to stretch and be flexible when bending, without breaking. This treatment has a blend of emollients to soften the hair, proteins to build it up, and humectants to attract moisture. What I loved most about this one is how silky my hair felt during rinsing, and how I could see some definition in my wet waves,which lets me know elasticity was definitely improved. I will likely use this treatment once a month or so for restoration and hydration. You can pick this up at Sally Beauty for $9.49 (or less with a Beauty Club membership).

ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In seals, protects, detangles and acts as a heat protectant. It reminds me of Creme of Nature’s Perfect 7 with all of these hair-protecting qualities in one product, but seems to be very similar to ApHogee’s Restructurizer in how it performs. Like the Texture Treatment, it contains a mix of emollients, proteins and humectants to attract moisture to the hair while building strength. What I loved about this one is the moisture and slip it delivered. I will definitely be using this one again! This leave-in is available at Sally Beauty for $9.49.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In is enriched with lots of great oils and ingredients such as vitamin E and B5, aloe vera, grapefruit, rosemary, and sunflower seed oil. This formula is made to moisturize and add volume to the hair (which I definitely agree it did). What I loved about this one is how soft it made my hair feel and how much slip it delivered when adding to my wet hair. In the end, this leave-in did not deliver the same defined results I get with Mixed Chicks Leave-In, so for me it is not a direct substitute, but it is definitely a quality leave-in that I will keep in my stash for braid-outs and other non-wash-n-go styles. I picked this up at a Target store for $8.39, but it is also available through retailers like Drugstore.com.

Ion Silk Drops are intended to combat frizz, add shine, and smooth hair. I liked the scent of this oil and that I could still feel it on my hair the next day, which tells me it did not quickly oxidize and it actually bonded to the hair as silk oils are supposed to do. After use, I can say this is a great bargain buy, but I honestly see myself sticking with my favorite Chi Deep Brilliance Reflect as the formula is more concentrated and delivers more moisture by comparison. But if you want a lighter formula for less, this is a great option! You can find the Ion silk oil at Sally Beauty for just $7.99.

Total Time:

Total style time was just over two hours.

Keep and Care:

I will maintain my wash-n-go by “pineappling” for the gym and at night.

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  1. your explanations are AMAZING! and so is your hair lol

  2. I abolsultely love your tutorials. Your hair texture is very similar to mines so you give me great ideas for my own.

  3. Iam trying this for the first

  4. Why don’t you use natural oils like olive oil, almond and coconut oil?

  5. waleska Torres // November 12, 2014 at 5:10 pm //

    Love it will try these products

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