Color Transformation on Type 4 Hair

In this tutorial, I am going to show a color transformation on type 4 hair. I dyed my friend Desiree’s hair more than a year ago and she wants some fresh color, so I am am going to apply two permanent dyes to her hair.

moknowshair_typefourhaircolorprocessThe Dye Process:

I will be using Ion’s Color Brilliance collection, which is available at Sally Beauty. Desiree wants a light, golden brown crown with dark sides and back, so I chose level 3 neutral dark brown and level 7 neutral medium blonde. The combination of her low porosity level and blend of type 4 A and B hair will affect how the dye processes.

I chose the level 7 neutral blonde because I know it will result in a light brown rather than an actual blonde as the hair swatch in the store showed. Without bleach, which I refuse to use, this dye with 30 volume is only going to lift her three levels, maybe four, so it will result in a light golden brown. That’s what you have to keep in mind about sample hair swatches you see in stores, they show you the dye in its truest color; it does not account for your natural color, porosity or texture.

I used level 10 volume for the neutral dark brown because dark dyes don’t need to be lifted, just simply deposited, so there’s no sense in using more volume than what’s needed for the color.  The 10 volume will open the cuticle enough for the dye to deposit.

NOTE: Color is not a one size fit all process. What works for others may not work the same for you. It is always my recommendation that you see a professional colorist/stylist for consultation before deciding to alter the color of your hair. Read my post “To Dye or Not To Dye?” for information on how dye works and what affects the outcomes. You will also find a list of questions you can take with you on a stylist consultation.


Total time:

Total time with dye application, cut and style (without overnight dry time) was about two and a half hours.

Keep and care:

You can maintain these coils by sleeping in a satin bonnet. You can recoil the sides and back if needed throughout the week. I am having Desiree follow my tips for color treated hair to maintain her color.

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