Mo’s Wash-N-Go Method for Type 4 Hair

Style Tutorial

My wash-n-go method on Amber’s type 4A hair.

Products and Tools:


Amber of Brown Bombshell Beauty

Total Time:

Total time for this style is around two and a half hours depending on how fast your hair dries. Amber will be able to get about about five or six days of wear out of this with pinning hair into different styles or using scarves or  accessories.

Keep and Care:

To preserve the definition and volume of this wash-n-go, Amber will sleep in a multi-pineapple.

For more information about Amber and how she cares for her hair along with reviews and tips on makeup and skincare, visit

2 Comments to Mo’s Wash-N-Go Method for Type 4 Hair

  1. Beautiful! I am definitely going to try this style!

  2. Mo’ thank you so much for your tutorial videos. I have learned so much about taking care of my 3C to 4A, high porosity, low density, transitioning hair. I was losing a lot of hair because it was tangling, until I watched your videos about adding moisture to my hair. Thank you doesn’t go far enough. Hugs!

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