Straight Hair Recovery

I recently straightened my hair using my silk roller wrap method and reviewed Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line. As a result of my tried and true method, I was able to get ten days of straight styles! As I am about to wash, my ends are still completely straight, and the roots are waving up as a result of me sweating in the gym. I attribute the longevity of this style to the way I set it. In this tutorial, I show you how I “recover” my wavy curls after using tool heat.

From straight, roller-set wrap to wavy, curly wash-n-go.

From straight, roller-set wrap to wavy, curly wash-n-go.

Products and tools:

Total time: 

Total recovery time with treatment and style was about two hours.

Keep and care:

To maintain this style, you can sleep in the pineapple with a silk or satin scarf, and/or on a satin pillowcase.


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  1. Would you suggest to me a few hair care products that restore elasticity?

  2. My hair has about 3 different texture patterns. Will this work for all hair types?

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