Spring Bands by Mixed Chicks

An alternative to traditional ponytail holders.

Mixed Chicks has created an alternative to the traditional ponytail holder to keep your hair healthy while you wear your ponytail styles! These coiled holders are tangle-free and perfect for all hair types and for little girls, as they tend to have softer, more fragile hair. If you have trouble with breakage, Spring Bands could be a solution for you; no more worrying about damaging your hair with traditional elastic bands.

You can go from loose ponytails to buns to flowing tresses effortlessly as these bands have tremendous hold with easy “slip.” These are also great to pineapple your hair or simply hold it gently while you sleep. The best thing about these bands? They don’t leave dents and lines through your hair like traditional ponytail holders and they won’t break or snap with lots of stretching and use.

Where to buy:

There are five, clear colors available; amber, aqua, pink, charcoal and yellow. Each pack of Spring Bands comes with five smooth, elastic, coiled holders for just $3. You can get yours from Mixed Chicks’ website.


Spring Bands by Mixed Chicks

Spring Bands by Mixed Chicks

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