SLAP Styles

There are so many ways to protect your hair from the winter cold with a Grace Eleyae SLAP (Satin-Lined Cap); and the beauty of it, you don’t have to sacrifice style!

Grace Eleyae SLAPS

SLAPS come in a variety of colors and are lined with satin for ultimate protection of your curly hair. Using satin accessories helps retain moisture, limits shedding and breakage, and keeps frizz away. The elastic band keeps the cap in place without creating too much tension making it super comfortable for day and night wear.

Curly style with Grace Eleyae SLAPS


After setting your curls in your favorite style (mine is a wash-n-go), simply slide your SLAP over your hair and adjust to your liking. I wear my cap forward toward my brow line. As you can see, I have a LOT of hair and this cap stretches beautifully and stays put!

Low ponytail and bangs with Grace Eleyae SLAPS


Section out a small piece of hair in the front and situate it to either side. Next, gather your remaining hair and loosely secure it at the nape of your neck with a fabric wrapped hair tie (I only wrapped mine one time). Then slide your SLAP over your hair and fluff the bang and ponytail hair.

Twisted, side ponytail with Grace Eleyae SLAP


Section a piece of hair in the front and gather remaining hair into loose, side ponytail with a hair tie. Twist front section toward the ponytail and use a bob pin to secure it. Then, slide your SLAP over your hair and adjust.

Style with Grace Eleyae SLAPS

In just a few minutes, you can create so many styles with SLAPS that give you chic style with protection. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from (I’m wearing black), making it easy to incorporate into any look. Head over to to receive a special offer on SLAPS!


All photos by Pete Monsanto of