Silk Roller Wrap Straightening

Style Tutorial

Learn how to get shiny, voluminous, bone straight hair with my silk roller wrap method. In this tutorial I show you how to protect and safely straighten your hair the way I have done it for years! Also see how you can do a basic, clean-up trim. (Warning: If you do not feel 100% comfortable using cutting shears, or are unsure about how much of your hair to trim, you need to see a professional stylist in your area.)

moknowshair_rollerwrap2Products and Tools:

See more about my color and hair dye basics and information about my hair type.

Total Time:

Total style time is about 3.5 hours depending on how fast your hair dries and how quickly you can do the steps in this process.

Keep and Care:

To preserve this style, you can do a traditional wrap around your head and secure with a satin scarf, or pin curl sections and cover with a bonnet.

7 Comments to Silk Roller Wrap Straightening

  1. Where can I purchase the CHI deep brilliance reflect silk reflection?

  2. Where can I purchase the chi deep brilliance reflect

  3. LOVE it!!! Your hair and skills are awesome 🙂

  4. I love this, I plan on trying this tomorrow night.

  5. I guess my other comment did not go thru. I really love it! I’ve watched the video at least 3-4 times last night. I want to try on my relaxed hair. I’d like to use products I already have.

    I’m a bit confused. Is the Chi Deep Brilliance Reflect or Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother a leave-in or heat protector? I’m trying to figure if I have a suitable substitute. I’m thinking about using One N Only Argan Oil treatment as a heat protector but I’m not sure. Thanks!

  6. Love this. I am 59 and you inspire me not to cut my hair.My hair is some what like yours and you given lots of new way to do it.

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