Sexy Summer Spirals with TGIN

In this tutorial, I give my girl Angela a trim and set her hair in super flirty, sexy spirals using TGIN styling products after installing lots of moisture with Moses Signature Gold Line Mask and my Huetiful Hair Steamer. Angela has a couple different hair types, 4A and 4B, and she recently dyed her hair, so moisture is especially needed and necessary! The Moses Mask is going to provide the hydration and protection she needs to keep her strands strong, frizz- and breakage-free.

Spiral curls with TGIN styling products!

Spiral curls with TGIN styling products!




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Other products and tools:

Color details:

Angela has a custom color by LaWanda Pierre at Neal Farina Salon in Brooklyn, NY.

Total Time: 

Total style time was about three hours with trim, steam treatment and style.

Keep and care:

To maintain this style, you can sleep in a satin bonnet, or if your hair is longer, you may choose to pineapple. In the morning, fluff the curls and add more of the TGIN Replinishing Oil if needed. You can modify the style with a pin-up, headband or high puff in the days after.