Pineapple Pin-Up

Style Tutorial

Here is an easy way to pin-up your old wash-n-go, twist- or braid-out without detangling. This makes for a cute date night-do or something to add another day of wear before washday!

Products and Tools:

Dark & Lovely 10-N-1 Styles Gelee
Agadir Spray Treatment
Eco Styler Shine Gel
Brush Strokes Soft Boar Bristle Brush
Rattail Comb
Denman Large Boar Bristle Brush
Large and/or small bob pins

Total Time:

Total time for this style is five minutes.

Keep and Care:

Because this was done on sixth-day hair, I will be washing the next day, but if you want to keep it more than one day, you can remove the pins, pineapple overnight and re-pin the next day or just leave the pins in if that is comfortable for you.

For more information about my hair type, see my hair profile