Summer Styles with Moses Signature Gold Line

My friend, Dr. Lindsay, spends her days in the hospital working with patients and her evenings and weekends doing outdoor yoga and hanging out with friends. She wants to know how to get more out of her wash-n-go with different styles. In this tutorial, I give her some summer hair care and styling tips by introducing her to a new duo from Moses Signature Gold Line.

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Featured products:

Moses Signature Gold Line Anti-Aging Hair Mask is formulated with antioxidants for protection from free radicals and sun damage, and it has jojoba oil for scalp health, argan oil for frizz control and shine and pistachio extracts. Pistachios contain phytochemicals, such as antioxidants, carotenes and vitamin E that remove free radicals, they also are a great source of protein and contain lots of fatty oleic acid, which makes hair softer and helps control water loss. There are also dead sea minerals, which are full of calcium which cleanses and removes dead skin from the scalp, zinc for cell growth and regeneration and potassium to reduce shedding and hair loss.

Essentially, this mask will infuse hair with proper amounts of essential extracts, fatty acids and proteins that keep the pH and moisture balanced in the scalp and hair, all while protecting from damage to the cuticle that becomes more likely in the sunny, summer months.

The 16.9 oz jar has enough for at least a couple months of use. It spreads easily and aids in detangling. It also has a very pleasant floral smell that isn’t overbearing, but definitely holds up through the entire process.

Moses Smoothing Elixir Oil is a lightweight silkening oil made with pure argan oil for frizz control, pistachio for protection, and jasmine oil, which is great for moisture, shine, added frizz control and it is a natural aphrodisiac! This oil is akin to how other silk oils are formulated, it seals the cuticle with silicone. These are water-soluble, so the breakdown and was- out when they come in contact with water and shampoo, without any alteration or damage to curls. They simply lay on top of strands, like a veil of protection keeping the other ingredients in the oil in while keeping humidity and free radicals out, which will make your style last longer.

Where to buy:

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Other products, tools and accessories:

Total time:

Total conditioning, setting and style time was one hour and fifteen minutes, plus an additional four minutes for the style change-ups!

Keep and care:

You can pineapple and sleep on a satin pillowcase to maintain this wash-n-go style. You can mist hair with water and recoil sections when needed throughout the week.