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monicatribalcroppedI created MoKnowsHair blog as a resource for all hair textures and types. Whether you’re natural, color-treated, relaxed or transitioning, there will be something for you at Mo Knows Hair.

Hair care is a priority for everyone. We express who we are with clothing, makeup, accessories and especially our hair. It takes time and patience to find what works and how to manage care. But once you figure it out, you can enjoy coming up with new ways to style your hair and feel confident in how it looks and behaves.

Over the years, I’ve helped friends and family care for their hair from the most drastic of hair emergencies to regular maintenance. What I’ve learned is that all hair is different. Even if two people seemingly have similar hair types, how their hair reacts to products and methods of styling will still differ. I believe it’s all about finding common themes in hair care that apply to everyone and modifying the products and tools used to achieve desired results.

In this blog I will show you what I know. I will feature everything from care tips and style tutorials, to treatments and styling methods for all hair types and stages of growth. It is my hope that I can inspire you to try new things and help you have the best version of your hair!

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