Mixed Chicks Style

featuring new products from Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks released six new products and in this three-part series, I show you how the products work and ways to incorporate them into your styles!

Courtney Danielle, “CurlsandCouture,” is a beauty and lifestyle blogger at curlsandcouture.com.







Annisa LiMara is a digital content creator, see her on Instagram @ilovealimara.







Kennedy is a vlogger and content creator, see her at @curlssforthegirlss and @PresidentKennedy on Instagram.






Where to buy:

You can find these new Mixed Chicks products at mixedchicks.net, or in stores such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and a host of other retail outlets. Visit mixedchicks.net and use the store locator to search for locations near you.