Restorative Hydration with the Marula Collection

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Whenever I go out of town for a few days and return, I notice my hair seems to be dehydrated, and even feels a little stiff. It could be all the extra hair whipping fun or just change of climate, but I am going to fix this with the Carol’s Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Collection!

Mo’s hair profile:

  • Type – 3A, color-treated, natural
  • Porosity – Medium
  • Density – High
  • Length – Long

Carol’s Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Collection

Featured Carol’s Daughter products:

The Marula Oil Softening Serum formula has a blend of oils that will work together to give curls much needed hydration. It has rose oil to prevent frizz and soften, almond oil make hair shinier and smoother, and Marula oil for moisture. Marula oil is packed with anti-oxidants like vitamin C and E that help your hair resist damage and dehydration. It also has a high concentration of fatty acids that reduce water loss thereby increasing elasticity. It has a light molecular structure, so it is able to penetrate strands.

The Marula Gentle Cream Cleanser is a rich, hydrating formula made with marula oil that helps hair resist damage with powerful anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and E. Marula oil also has a low molecular weight so it can get through the cuticle for moisturizing penetration. The cleanser also has maruka honey, a humectant that helps with detangling, rose oil to tame frizz, and almond oil for flexibility and added shine.

The Marula Softening Hair Mask rejuvenates dry, frizzy, brittle curls with extra moisture. It is concentrated with Marula oil and rose oil along with shea butter to seal in moisture and improve elasticity. The formula glides on very easily, with incredible slip, and immediately loosens strands to make detangling a breeze. The moisturizing Marula oil helps improve elasticity, and when hair is more elastic, it breaks less and curls pop!

Total time:

Total treatment and style time was about two hours and thirty minutes.

Keep and care:

To preserve the curls overnight, you can simply gather all the hair to the crown in the pineapple and secure with a satin or silk scarf, or sleep on a satin pillow case.

Where to buy:

You can find the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Collection at and Ulta, online and in stores.

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