Dove #LoveYourHair Campaign

If you ask anyone what their definition of “beauty” is, you will get as many different responses as the number of people you ask. Why? Because beauty is perhaps one of the broadest terms you can use to describe something. As women, we are constantly striving to define our own beauty in a society where we are bombarded with images of what popular culture says it should look like. And sometimes, we feel like we just don’t measure up.

For many women, most of how we view beauty is attached to physical features, like our hair. We see lots of images on social media that lead us to believe that beautiful hair is a certain texture or length, when in reality, beautiful hair is entrenched in personal style, confidence and self-love.

According to Dove Hair research, 81% of women feel bad when they see certain advertisements about hair and only 11% would not change anything about their hair. Do you personally feel pressure to have a certain hair style based on what you see in the media? Do you fee like you are being judged based on how your hair looks?

Dove Hair is on a mission to help.

The #LoveYourHair campaign is Dove Hair’s effort to expand the definition of “beauty” when it comes to how women view their hair. They are celebrating all hair types, colors, styles and textures! Dove Hair is committed to helping women find confidence in their hair instead of it being a source of anxiety.

As I continue to help you all in your hair care journey and embracing the hair you have, I am elated to partner with Dove Hair on this initiative! While many of you have left comments on my posts stating how “perfect” you think my hair is, part of the reason you think so is because of the confidence I exude, not my hair itself. I made a choice a very long time ago to love what I see in the mirror. That love reflects in pictures and videos I share with you. I want you all to love the hair you grow too!

Join me in this celebration by visiting Dove Hair’s Pinterest boards to see women, just like you and me, showing their beauty and sharing their experiences.

I also encourage you to watch Dove’s “Love Your Hair” film to see how women from all cultures and walks of life learned to embrace their hair.