Heatless Curls

featuring Denman and Carol's Daughter

In this tutorial, I show you how I achieve heatless curls and share some new goodies from Carol’s Daughter using Denman brushes on my seven-day-old silk roller wrap. This time, I did everything up to the plastic wrap, no flat ironing, using the same products as shown in my tutorial.


Denman brushes and Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hairspray and Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother

Featured tools:

Denman Metal Pin Paddle Brush is a cushioned styling brush great for grooming and detangling dry hair with its extra smooth, incredibly durable metal bristles. It’s also gentle on the scalp and safe for all textures.

Denman Large Boar Bristle Brush has 100% natural boar bristles, which are great for smoothing and adding a conditioning shine to the hair. This brush has a nice full balance of bristles, at varying heights that I feel make it easier to glide through the hair without pullout.

Featured products:

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Flexible Hold Hairspray has Monoi oil for moisture and repair, vitamins E and B to block humidity, sunflower seed oil to protect from UV-ray damage and Panthenol for a shiny, soft finish. And of course, like the other products from the Monoi collection, it has a sweet, fresh tropical scent. I loved how absolutely soft my was after use, just as it was before I started. There was no change in the feel of my hair, which is very rare for a hairspray.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother to lay my edges.  This gel is alcohol, paraben, and petroleum free, and it has hydrogenated castor oil and wheat protein for strength, rosemary for scalp health, and aloe leaf juice for moisture. This edge gel distributes very nicely making hair easy to mold into place. By the way, this gel did stay put throughout the day.

Total time:

Total style time, minus overnight setting, was thirty minutes.

Keep and care:

This style can be maintained by sleeping in the pineapple or re-knotting at night, but you shouldn’t need to reapply any more hairspray.

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