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When I am selecting products and choosing methods for care and styling, these are some characteristics on which I base my decisions.

My hair texture is 100% natural. I do not relax, tex-lax or texturize my hair. The only chemical alteration that I have made to my hair is the color.



My hair is curly with some s-shaped waves that spiral on the ends.

Medium Porosity

My results from the float test showed that I have medium porosity. The strands of hair floated for a moment, and then slowly started to sink and wiggle around in the water. They never actually stopped moving, and they never sank all the way to the bottom of the bowl. My hair holds style well, whether it’s straight, wash-n-go curly or in an up-do, it pretty much stays put unless external forces (mainly humidity) swoop in and attack!

High Density

I have lots of hair per square inch. My scalp is not visible unless I have purposefully parted it to show. It’s rather deceiving until you begin to dig into it…or at least that’s what everyone who’s ever styled my hair has told me.

Thread Test

Thread Test

Fine Width

According to the thread test, my hair is fine width. What saves me in the style department is my high density. My hair is fine, but there’s a whole lot of it!

Medium and Long Lengths

I have hair ranging from 8-12 inches in length due to my round, layered cut for shape. I sleep in the pineapple when I wash-n-go, or in a scarf and bonnet combo if I’m bunning.


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