Family Care with the Hair Milk Collection

Care Class with Carol's Daughter

My friend, Cherie has two girls plus her own hair to manage. She needs products that all of them can use to save time and money. I am going to set up their style foundation with the Sacred Tiare Collection and finish with the styling perfection of the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Collection!

Cherie’s hair profile:

  • Type – 3C, natural
  • Porosity – Medium
  • Density – High
  • Length – Medium

Finger coiled styles for Cherie and her daughters.

Featured Carol’s Daughter products:

The Hair Milk Original Leave-in Moisturizer is infused with agave and shea and cocoa butters for moisture, sweet almond oil to promote healthy growth and prevent hair loss, and soybean oil to strengthen the hair. The best feature about this leave-in is it can be used on damp and dry hair, making it a two-for-one product!

The Hair Milk Styling Pudding is designed to be a gel and moisturizer in one. It has guar gum for flexible hold and avocado, macadamia, agave and jojoba oils for incredible moisture and shine. The best thing about this pudding? It works well all on its own; you only need a small amount per section and it moistures, holds, softens and prevents frizz. This is perfect for coils and braid or twist outs.

Other Carol’s Daughter products:

Total time:

Total time to set Cherie and the girls was about four hours.

Keep and care:

They will all sleep in satin bonnets and fluff in the morning. Cherie can dampen pieces with a bit of water and recoil when needed during the week, adding more of the Black Vanilla oil for moisture.

Where to buy:

You can find the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Collection at and Target, online and in stores.