Flat Twist-Out

In this tutorial I show you how I restyle my three-day-old wash-n-go with a flat twist-out. In the years that I have been natural, I have only attempted this style a couple times. Why? Because, for me, the effort was not worth it since I wasn’t getting results I truly liked. It dawned on me that it was the types of products I was using that caused my hair to be too heavy and oily. So, I gave it another try with a lightweight foam and a little steam, and I love it!

moknowshair flat twist-outProducts and tools:

  • Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer – This steamer makes re-styling easy by adding moisture to the hair so it is more pliable and can be detangled without pullout.
  • Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam – This foam has organic honey, burdock and marshmellow root which work together to create weightless volume while adding shine, without build-up. It’s perfect for repurposing styles or setting them wet with rollers, rods, bantu knots, twists…just about any style!
  • Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil – This oil is 99.9% naturally derived from plants; no petroleum, no minerals or water added. It instantly adds about 40% more moisture to hair and it is silicone-free, so it easily penetrates the hair for lasting hydration. The active ingredient is buriti oil, a natural emollient that strengthens, smooths and protects from UV ray damage. What I love most about this dry oil is that even though it is super hydrating, it is not too “heavy.” Once applied to the hair, it absorbs quickly and without leaving a sticky or greasy film behind.
  • Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel – For me, a good edge tamer holds without being sticky or flaking, and it also doesn’t convert to oil mid day and start oozing down my face. For just under $5, this edge gel moisturizes with coconut and shea and strengthens edges with castor oil all with a nice, sleek, flexible hold. For me, this one stays put it all day, and on days after, I can dab a bit of water to re-fresh and re-slick.

Total time:

Prep time was 45 minutes with overnight dry/setting.

Keep and care:

To preserve this style, you can pineapple at night and secure with a silk or sating scarf. You can also dampen pieces and re-twist the crown section or sides and back (whichever tends to loose shape).

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  1. beautiful!

  2. For the “flat twist out” do you wash the hair first! I’m going to start the transition and this style will definitely work. I had very long hair but with the perms and the beautician I lost my healthy hair. Trying to get the healthy back. Thank you and god bless.

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