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After-transition check-in and style.

In this tutorial I am going to check-in on my friend Cherie’s after-transition progress and style her oldest daughter using some new products from Design Essentials!

Last time I saw Cherie, I asked her to start using an elasticity treatment for conditioning on washday to see if we could reduce some of the frizz while wet and find out if the crown hair would begin to behave like her other hair. You can see a full explanation in After The Transition.

After seeing some progress, I am going to more aggressively help her tackle her elasticity issue by replacing the current ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment with Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Melt Down Repair Mask and ask her to begin steaming her treatments.

See more about Cherie’s transition.

Soft-defined, fabulous curls with Design Essentials new collection!

Featured products:

The new Coconut & Monoi Collection from Design Essentials is infused with coconut and monoi oils to replenish dry hair and improve elasticity with proper hydration for all hair types and textures.

Other products and tools: 

Total time:

Totat style time for Cherie was two and a half hours, and two hours for her daughter.

Keep and care:

Both mother and daughter sleep in satin bonnets and fluff in the morning. Cherie will use bob pins to manage her style by altering the look and will migrate her daughter’s hair into ponytails or puffs over the days. She will also use a bit of blended oil on the ends when needed.