Curl Restoration

How to Revive Your Curls

In this tutorial, I show you how I revive and restore my friend Erica’s curls. I was certainly under the impression her hair was more of a loose wavy, 3A texture like mine, but upon treating her hair, I discovered her curls are actually more in the 3C range!

Erica has been using products that lack the proper balance of proteins and moisture that natural hair needs to be healthy, she also had a host of other bad habits such as washing her hair in hot water, not deep conditioning, and not securing her hair at night with satin or silk accessories. Basically, everything she has been doing has contributed to her hair being dry, brittle and extremely difficult to manage.

moknowshair_curlrestorationEricaTo help get Erica to a point where detangling takes less than five minutes (it takes her about 45 minutes now), and where her wash-n-go will last up to five days (she gets one day now), I am having her discontinue use of everything she has and asking her to modify her habits and replace her products with her choice of the following:

Pre-poo oil treatment:

  • How – Use each wash day for at least a month, then reduce to every other week if hair seems moisturized and flexible.
  • Products – Apply a penetrating oil (such as coconut or extra virgin olive oil) or pre-made blended mixture (such as Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil or Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Oil) to dry or steamed hair.



Elasticity Treatment:

Leave-ins and Stylers:

Finishing and styling products:

 Overnight care:


When trying to figure out which products make sense for your hair, pay attention to the ones that work best and take note of their ingredients and attributes. For instance, did they all have coconut oil in them? What was the consistency of the products? Was it stated on the packaging that it would cater to your hair’s specific needs?

It takes time to find the product mix that will work best for you, but the more you pay attention to what you’re using, and commit to not cutting corners on your washdays, you will find that most products will “cooperate” in your hair. In a lot of cases, products aren’t “working” because your hair is not in a condition for them to do so. Lots of products, especially styling ones, are going to work best on healthy, properly prepared hair. So rather than focusing on all of the styling products, you really should make sure your shampoo/pre-poo/protein/deep conditioning/elasticity routine is in order!

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  1. Tiera Bradford // September 10, 2014 at 1:30 am //

    Beautiful. ..i wish my hair can be styled like that..i been watching your youtube channel for a while now and im always pleased.. ive been trying to go natural for 3 years and all the products ive used been a no go. . Go to stylists and they say im never going to be able to wear my hair like that. I do have a curl pattern towards the end but my roots are so me please..:-)

  2. I was wondering what Erica’s routine is to revive her curls during the week. I like that you only used to styling products to achieve her look. As a busy mom I try to have a minimal amount of products for styling due to my limited time.

  3. I am a subscriber to your Chanel and I am a huge fan.

  4. Thanks so much for this!!!! After I got my color, part of my hair completely lost it’s curl pattern so this is going to be my curl manual for the next month 🙂

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