Beauty Tools for Skin, Scalp and Hair

Here are a few tools that can make your beauty and wellness regimen more effective, efficient and enjoyable!

Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager
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Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager– a vibrating, scalp massaging, shampoo brush that promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating circulation in the scalp while helping exfoliate and remove build-up. Perfect for all hair types and ages.

Spin for Perfect Skin Brush
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Spin for Perfect Skin Brush* – a spinning brush that cleanses, exfoliates and removes bacteria leaving skin softer, more toned and brighter over time. Simply add your favorite cleanser, a bit of water and spin!

Ultimate Skin Spa System
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Ultimate Skin Spa System* – a dual-speed brush set that cleanses, exfoliates and polishes all wrapped in a protective travel case.

Denman Brush tools








Denman Detangling and Curl Clumping Tools – the Three Row Comb, Volumizing Brushes and D14 Brush are perfect tools for all curly curls to aid with detangling, product distribution and curl clumping!

Palette Professional Makeup Brush Collection
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Palette Professional Makeup Brush Collection* – essential makeup brush set for professional makeup artists, makeup beginners and everyone in between. The set includes 15 ultra soft brushes stored in a sleek rollout pouch perfect for travel or convenient storage.


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