Angela’s Big Chop: Take 2

In this tutorial, I give my friend Angela her second big chop and she shares about her decision and journey to this point. We hope that you gain something from watching; maybe learn more about your own hair journey, or just pick up some good style tips! The decision to cut your hair or not should feel liberating, not cumbersome. Owning your look lets you own how you feel about it, and that’s what will make it not just a hair journey, but a healthy journey.

Angela and her fro! Big chop #2 is complete.

Angela and her fro! Big chop #2 is complete.


Angela's second big chop.

Angela’s second big chop.

Total time:

Total style time, after cut, was about 45 minutes.

Keep and care:

Angela will tie a silk or satin scarf around her back and sides and sleep on a satin pillowcase (in case the scarf comes off!). In the morning, she can use a dab of water to re-activate the gel and add some more finishing oil if necessary.