Alisha Beats Lupus


My dear friend Alisha, who you all recognize from lots of tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Lupus Nephritis, an autoimmune disease that affects more than 60% of those with lupus, causing inflammation in the kidneys. It is considered one of the most serious complications of lupus because it prohibits the kidneys from filtering the blood for waste.

Just a few weeks ago, Alisha’s life changed in the blink of an eye. Her doctors have prescribed chemotherapy treatments for at least six months to save her kidneys. In addition to treatments, she’s had to completely retool her daily routine by monitoring every morsel of food she eats, adjusting to more than 30 lbs of weight gain from medications, dealing with extreme exhaustion, frequent headaches and some memory loss, along with swelling and aching in the joints.

However! I refused to allow Alisha to hide and go through this in the dark. I know she is strong and resilient, and that this test will become a testimony soon enough. She agreed to let me share her story with you all in hopes of being a blessing to anyone going through something similar.

Support Alisha in her fight to beat Lupus! Click the picture to learn more about her diagnosis.

How you can help:

Your prayers and kind words of encouragement can be shared via social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) using hashtag #alishabeatslupus. If you would like to donate to Alisha’s GoFundMe campaign to help her offset expenses of treatment, and learn more about her diagnosis, you can do so here:


Suggested hair care regimen during treatment.

I wanted to provide Alisha some suggested adjustments to her product line-up to ensure a solid combination of strength, moisture retention and scalp health support. As of now, Alisha’s hair is behaving the same as we are used to, but over the coming months of treatments, we don’t know how much shedding may occur or if she will experience any skin and scalp dehydration, so added moisture and strength with flexible hold will allow her to manipulate her hair less in the days after styling.


The TGIN and Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla products are available on their websites and at Target, in stores and online. The Brigeo deep conditioning mask is available at Sephora, Birchbox and Dermstore.


Total time:

Total style time was one hour and twenty minutes, minus the trim time.

Keep and care:

To minimize manipulation and added stress on the hair, Alisha will sleep in the pineapple and fluff in the morning. She will convert her wash-n-go to a high puff or bun days later until it is time to wash again. Her wash cycle is once per week.